yarc mini-reviews: part 1

I've read a couple of books for YARC (Year of the Asian Reading Challenge) so I thought that I would do some reviews! One book I read recently was Apple & Knife by Intan Paramaditha, which was translated by Stephen J. Epstein. Inspired by horror fiction, myths and fairy tales, Apple and Knife is an unsettling … Continue reading yarc mini-reviews: part 1


february wrap-up

So February was a surprisingly awesome month. I read OVER 20 BOOKS, which is the most I have read probably since I was in high school. I also am finally sort-of getting my blog stats to what they used to be after my (extended) hiatus last year. While that isn't the point of my blog, … Continue reading february wrap-up

mental health book bingo 2019: wrap-up

The 2019 mental health book bingo is over. Cue sad faces! I had a fantastic time yet again, and would like to sincerely thank all of my co-hosts: Jess @ jessicacwrites Lili @UtopiaMind Inge @ingeswonderland Ayah Assem @DystopianCitzn Laura @bbliophile Sar @readtorecover They were all absolutely brilliant, and I could not have done this without them. I'd also like to … Continue reading mental health book bingo 2019: wrap-up