july wrap-up

I think this might have been the best reading month I’ve ever had in my life. I read TWENTY FOUR books. You read that right! It was also my first full month in my new apartment with my fiancee! While there were quite a few problems with the house (I went over 25 days without wifi – this perhaps explains why I read so much) we’ve really settled in and started to explore the area.

Book reviews: 

The Lost Coast

There’s Something About Sweetie

Going Off Script

Top 5 recommendation: 

Debut novels


Anticipated 2020 releases

Hot weather reads


Accessibility at conventions – aka why I’m not at YALC

The Reading Rush – halfway point

I went a bit overboard on Netgalley again!

Mid-year book freak out tag

My goals:

  • 100 books – I have reached my target! I have officially read 102 books. I’m not sure whether I’m going to make a stretch goal or not because I don’t want to stress myself out thinking about numbers.
  • Continue to read diversely – yup, this month was good! I read a bunch of books with queer characters and characters of colour. I also read Get A Life, Chloe Brown which was about a black woman with fibromyalgia, and The Bride Test which featured  Khai, a Vietnamese and autistic character. Oh, AND I read a couple of fat positive books, including The (Other) F Word.
  • Read more independently published/self-published authors – Taproot and Mooncakes.
  • Try to read more genres – yup, I read a bunch of YA and nonfiction, but also a good smattering of fantasy, adult contemporaries, and erotica.
  • Try to read one graphic novel a month – I read Taproot, Mooncakes, and My Brother’s Husband vol 1.
  • Try to post three times a week – this was a pretty mixed goal. The first week and the last week of the month were pretty good for posting, but the middle two definitely were not!
  • Increase Netgalley score – 65%!!!! HELL YES!


Every month I’m also going to update you with what books I’ve read for YARC (Year of the Asian Challenge!). This month I read: Anna Dressed in Blood, My Brother’s Husband vol 1 and The Bride Test bringing my total up to 20. I have officially exceeded my target, and won the Philippine tarsier badge AND the Indian cobra badge! I only need one more book to get to the Malayan tapir badge, too.

So I didn’t complete all of the prompts – I didn’t get to ‘Read an author’s first book’ or ‘Read and watch a book to movie adaptation’, but I did read 7 books, 4 of which were ARCs!


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