wild flowers review

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a poet, Michelle Smith, who asked me if I could review her new book, Wild Flowers. This is a poetry collection about 'Survival, Depression, Self-discovery and Sexuality'. The collection is structured in a few parts: Grief/Depression, Abandonment, Love, Empowerment, and Healing. I really enjoyed the way that … Continue reading wild flowers review


top 5 recommendation | nonfiction 2019 releases (part 2)

As you may have gathered from my general 2018 reading, I've been really into nonfiction this year. And while my interests are pretty specific (e.g. if it is feminist, queer, or mental health related, I'm there) there are a lot of nonfiction books coming out in 2019 that I'm interested in! Here are just a … Continue reading top 5 recommendation | nonfiction 2019 releases (part 2)