darius the great is not okay review

I read Darius the Great is Not Okay for the 2019 Mental Health Book Bingo - it was the group read! It also counts as part of YARC 2019! Darius Kellner speaks better Klingon than Farsi, and he knows more about Hobbit social cues than Persian ones. He's about to take his first-ever trip to … Continue reading darius the great is not okay review


should i read e-books?

I've been long debating this topic, so I thought I would throw it to the blogosphere! Basically - I read a lot of books on my phone or Kindle. But should I? Pros:  It's cheaper - this is probably the main reason that I use an e-reader. Digital books tend to be cheaper than printed … Continue reading should i read e-books?

mental health book bingo 2019: wrap-up

The 2019 mental health book bingo is over. Cue sad faces! I had a fantastic time yet again, and would like to sincerely thank all of my co-hosts: Jess @ jessicacwrites Lili @UtopiaMind Inge @ingeswonderland Ayah Assem @DystopianCitzn Laura @bbliophile Sar @readtorecover They were all absolutely brilliant, and I could not have done this without them. I'd also like to … Continue reading mental health book bingo 2019: wrap-up