november tbr (ish)

I haven't put up a TBR in a while, so I thought I would update you about some of the stuff I would like to read relatively soon. This isn't a hard and fast TBR, because I've been really into mood reading at the moment. But there are a lot of books that I am … Continue reading november tbr (ish)


halloween horrors…

I've always been a huge fan of Halloween. In Bermuda it was a BIG thing, and for every year until I was thirteen I dressed up and went trick or treating, without fail. (I've been Hermione, a girl in a bubble bath, an undead queen, and Jane from Tarzan!) Since I've moved to the UK … Continue reading halloween horrors…

top 5 recommendation | best books of 2018 (so far!)

I've read a lot of really great books so far this year - so I thought I would mention five books that I LOVED. This isn't in any particular order. FreshwaterDeliciously dark, Freshwater is Akwaeke Emezi's debut novel about fractured selves. Ada's alternate selves (Asụghara and Saint Vincent) develop after she is sexually assaulted, and protect … Continue reading top 5 recommendation | best books of 2018 (so far!)