top 5 recommendation | #ownvoices trans books

Sooo, there's been a lot of talk this week about cis authors writing trans characters (see here if you don't know about this). So, in light of this (and because it is pride month), I thought that I would do a top 5 recommendation with own voices trans books. I really need to read more … Continue reading top 5 recommendation | #ownvoices trans books


top 5 recommendation | impulse buys

I try to stick to only buying books that I know that I want. I get so many recommendations from bloggers and Twitter that I just can't immediately buy any book that I hear of! However, sometimes there are books that I see and I know I'm going to love. Here are my top 5! Feed … Continue reading top 5 recommendation | impulse buys

march wrap-up

Another month ends - another wrap-up appears! March was an okay reading month - better than January, but nowhere near as good as February! Reviews:  Mini-Reviews: Graphic Novels Proud Graham's Delicacies Blog Tour Mini-Reviews: YARC books Mental Health Monday:  I Got Engaged! Mornings Are Terrible Nervous Habits Top 5 Recommendation:  Memoirs Feminist Books for International … Continue reading march wrap-up

top 5 recommendation | feminist books for international women’s day

Happy International Women's Day! I haven't seen any horrible comments on social media about why this day is unnecessary, so I'm going to take that as a win. I thought it would be appropriate to have this week's Top 5 Recommendation to therefore talk about some feminist books! Nasty Women edited by 404 Ink - … Continue reading top 5 recommendation | feminist books for international women’s day