Ok, so maybe that's a little bit optimistic. But I'm feeling good today, and I'm going to embrace that. Let's do a little Q&A, shall we? Where have you been?: Basically, I moved from London back to Coventry to live with my boyfriend permanently. This has been a massive relief, as I really wasn't coping with … Continue reading MY TRIUMPHANT RETURN (a Q&A)

#mentalhealthmonday – how to help someone with delusional thoughts

Intro: link to my paranoia story, say how Jay was amazing and helped me out loads. Specifically thinking about cameras in my workplace and in my home. Recognise when you suspect someone is displaying this behaviour. Started off I thought people at work were judging me - came from logical kind of thought process. Didn't … Continue reading #mentalhealthmonday – how to help someone with delusional thoughts