#mentalhealthmonday – I never switch off

I have a really hard problem relaxing and focusing on myself. My brain is constantly firing in 12 different directions at once. It tells me that I need to be productive at all times, need to be taking advantage of new opportunities at all times, I need to be stressing out AT ALL TIMES. The best … Continue reading #mentalhealthmonday – I never switch off


#mentalhealthmonday – love yourself

It's that time of year again - Valentine's day. To start this post on a personal note, I don't really have any thoughts about Valentine's day. I agree, it's a corporate holiday, and that there shouldn't be just one day of the year where people make an effort for their partner/s. And it's another example … Continue reading #mentalhealthmonday – love yourself

#mentalhealthmonday – could my mental illness have been prevented?

Today I am very pleased to have Chris Hack on my blog today. He's going to be talking about his mental health journey. Trigger warnings: graphic description of suicide attempt, suicidal thoughts It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when my mental illness first became a part of my life. The first recollection I have of a … Continue reading #mentalhealthmonday – could my mental illness have been prevented?