#mentalhealthmonday – subtweeting

I have...a bit to say today! I've been thinking a lot about Internet culture, and more specifically, interactions people have on Twitter. So, I thought I would chat about one particular phenomenon - subtweeting. First of all: I absolutely understand why people subtweet. There are a lot of unspoken power dynamics on the Internet. If you … Continue reading #mentalhealthmonday – subtweeting


#mentalhealthmonday – fatphobia

Trigger warnings: mentions of weight loss and diet culture, fatphobia from people including doctors, discussion of eating disorders and suicidal thoughts I've been thinking about this post for quite a while, but I finally decided to write it. This is for a couple of reasons - I just got engaged, and weight loss is a big … Continue reading #mentalhealthmonday – fatphobia

march wrap-up

Another month ends - another wrap-up appears! March was an okay reading month - better than January, but nowhere near as good as February! Reviews:  Mini-Reviews: Graphic Novels Proud Graham's Delicacies Blog Tour Mini-Reviews: YARC books Mental Health Monday:  I Got Engaged! Mornings Are Terrible Nervous Habits Top 5 Recommendation:  Memoirs Feminist Books for International … Continue reading march wrap-up

#mentalhealthmonday – being teetotal doesn’t totally suck

So I've finally done something that, to be honest, I should have done a long time ago. I've gone teetotal. Trigger warnings: mentions of alcohol I've known that I should probably not drink alcohol for a while now. My horrible psychiatrist told me, my very lovely therapist told me, and my adequate doctor told me. But … Continue reading #mentalhealthmonday – being teetotal doesn’t totally suck