#mentalhealthmonday – food

I have a complicated relationship with food. I've talked briefly about this before (you can find the post here), but I thought I would go into greater depth about cooking and food in particular, rather than just body image. There are trigger warnings for mentions of suicide, anorexia, and you guessed it, an unhealthy relationship with food. … Continue reading #mentalhealthmonday – food


#mentalhealthmonday – internalised prejudice

Internalised prejudice. For those who aren't familiar with the term, it means: When people are targeted, discriminated against, or oppressed over a period of time, they often internalize (believe and make part of their self-image – their internal view of themselves) the myths and misinformation that society communicates to them about their group. Source For me, this … Continue reading #mentalhealthmonday – internalised prejudice