1,001 followers on wordpress!

Um, wow. I just hit 1,001 followers on this blog.

I’m a little bit in shock – honestly, when I started this blog three years ago, I wasn’t expecting anyone to read it. It was something that I was going to whack onto my CV as evidence of my love of books. I never expected for it to become something more than a hobby – because now, if I’m not blogging, I feel like I’m not being true to myself.

So, thank you, followers. From the people who followed me at the very beginning to my newest follower – thank you. Thank you for listening to me ramble about books and mental health, and for being patient with me whilst I was going through hard times with my depression. Thanks for pointing out whenever I accidentally put up a half-finished post (it happens ALL THE TIME with me lol). Thanks for commenting whenever I ask for recommendations, or whenever I talk about my personal experiences. I honestly don’t know what I would have done without y’all!

I feel like I’ve learned so much throughout these past three years, and I’m excited to think that we’re going to grow and continue learning together. I’ve always felt like I’m a constant work-in-progress, and that my blog is too. I’m interested to see what new things I’m going to discover about myself and the stories that I read in the years to come. So again – thank you for giving me this space to do that, and coming along the journey with me.

On that note, if there are any books that you would like me to read and review, or any bookish or mental health topics that you’d like my opinion on, please let me know! I always want to try and answer questions that you actually want answered. I’m currently starting the process of getting married, so I’d be happy to talk about my anxiety about that. I’m also looking into having my diagnosis of BPD re-assessed, and thinking a lot about the ways that my diagnoses have shaped the way that I think about my own mental health. And on a book front, I have some ARCs that I’d love to review, such as The Iron Will of Genie Lo and Girls of Storm and Shadow.

Finally, I’m thinking about doing a celebratory giveaway on Twitter, so make sure to follow me on there if you’re not already.

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