top 5 recommendation | 2020 anthologies

If there’s one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I really love collections of stories and essays. Particularly if they’re by a whole bunch of different authors! I find it fascinating to read a whole bunch of different opinions about a singular topic. So, I thought I would put together a list of some of the 2020 anthologies that I’m particularly looking forward to! (I do apologise that most of these are YA. They’re just the ones I’ve already heard about!)

  1. A Phoenix First Must Burn – This book is a series of stories that explore the Black experience through fantasy, science fiction, and magic. Apparently it evokes Beyonce’s Lemonade! Authors include Elizabeth Acevedo, Ibi Zoboi, and Somaiya Daud. Released March 2020.
  2. You Too? – This is a collection of essays inspired by the #MeToo movement by authors such as Ellen Hopkins and Saundra Mitchell. It’s a book that is primarily written for teens, but I have no doubt that the essays will resonate with adults, too. Released January 2020.
  3. Come On In – Another collection of YA fiction, Come On In looks at stories of immigration by YA authors who are either immigrants or the children of immigrants, including Samira Ahmed, Zoraida Córdova and Maurene Goo. Released fall 2020.
  4. Vampires Never Get Old – I for one am very excited that vampires are back in fashion! Including stories by Heidi Heilig, Julie Murphy and Mark Oshiro, this collection will be featuring fresh takes on old souls with vampire stories. Released September 2020.
  5. Rural Voices: YA Stories About Growing Up in Remote Communities – This looks like a super interesting collection! It: ‘challenges the stereotype of a monolithic rural America and explores the complexity, beauty, and nuances of growing up in small communities.’ Released sometime in 2020.


Some other 2020 anthologies that I’d like to read include:

  1. Fantastic Worlds: Impossible Places
  2. Once Upon an Eid: Stories of Hope and Joy by 15 Muslim Voices
  3. Short Stuff
  4. Common Bonds
  5. Out Now: Queer We Go Again

If you know of any other anthologies that are being released in 2020, please let me know! I want to make sure I know of everything being released!

4 thoughts on “top 5 recommendation | 2020 anthologies

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    Hi Wendy!!! Long time, no see. I (think?) I’m finally back in the blogging world. Whew! First of all — I love the new format of your blog! It’s sleek and pretty. I’m sure it’s been around for a while, but I needed you to know it caught my eye. and that logo? ❤ ❤ ❤

    Anyway! This post. I don't read enough anthologies, but each time I do I love them. Each of these anthologies sound wonderful! I am most excited to pick up Rural Voices. My husband and I recently moved to the country, but I’m 100% City Mouse at heart. Perhaps this anthology can help me understand my community a bit better.

    Do you have a favorite anthology you read in 2019?


    1. whatthelog says:

      Hi!! Glad to see you back in the blogosphere! Ahh thank you ❤ I thought it was time for a redesign.

      I’m looking forward to Rural Voices a lot too! I grew up in Bermuda which is definitely a remote place! I’m hoping that I’ll connect with this anthology a lot 🙂

      Ooh, my favourite collection of short stories this year has to be Things We Say in the Dark by Kirsty Logan. The stories are meant to play on common millennial fears/experiences, such as marriage and parenthood. It got me GOOD!


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