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Hi everyone! I haven’t done a book bingo in a while, so I thought I would join the Latinx book bingo. This is a readathon that will take place from September 15 to October 15, which is Hispanic Heritage Month 2019 (or how the hosts are choosing to call it: Latinx Heritage Month). The bingo is being hosted by Paola (@Mancerelle), Allie (@Alliewithbooks) and Sofia (@SofiainBookland).

Basically the aim is to try and get 3 books in a row on the board, all of which will highlight Latinx characters and Latinx authors. The group book will be The Grief Keeper by Alexandra Villasante. For more information, go here.

Screenshot 2019-08-15 21.32.55

I’ve really not read much by Latinx authors, so I’m hoping that this readathon will help me expand my horizons. I don’t have a lot of books that will fit these prompts already – the ones that I have are:

  1. We Set the Dark on Fire by Tehlor Kay Mejia – intersectional MC, book by a Latinx author, new to you author, recommended by a Latinx reader
  2. Welcome to Ghost Town by Gretchen Gomez – nontraditional format, Latinx author
  3. Undead Girl Gang – book by a Latinx author, fat rep, new to you author, afro-Latinx MC

I’m hoping that my library will have some of these, though:

  1. With the Fire On High – book by a Latinx author, on cover rep
  2. Maybe something by Adam Silvera – book by Latinx author, intersectional MC, backlist title

If they don’t, I might request they bring them in, or venture into a bookshop to buy them. But I imagine between these 5 books I’ll be able to get a bingo!

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