#mentalhealthmonday – why i’m so open

I write about my mental health a lot. (I think you might have noticed.) But why?

For those who don’t know, I was brought up in Bermuda – I lived there until I was 18. Bermuda is a very conservative place. (It was recently in the news for being the first country to repeal gay marriage. Yaaaaaay.) You don’t talk about mental health in Bermuda. Going to a therapist and being on antidepressants or similar medications is taboo. Me telling my friends that I was seeing a therapist was the height of our friendship and my trust.

When I moved to the UK to go to university, I was shocked to see how open people were about their mental health. I had a group of friends who completely understood what was going on, and empathised with me, and were willing to talk about it with me. I had a bit of a revolutionary moment in my first year of university, when I realised that I could talk about my thoughts and feelings about mental health without worrying. (I realise that this  is a very privileged position to be in – I happen to go to a very liberal university, and my friend group is universally amazing). I do worry, sometimes, that potential employers will look through my blog and go “oh my God, she’s insane”. However, I think the benefits of getting the catharsis of writing about mental health far outweigh any potential risks. Since starting my #mentalhealthmonday posts, I’ve found myself looking forward to talking about my mental health, no matter how painful or personal the posts might be.

So, for the purposes of being honest with you all – I’m not doing well. I’ve recently changed to a new SSRI, which is taking its time to kick in. I’m trying to get myself out of the house and into the sunshine, which isn’t always successful. I’m taking one day at a time, and I’m trying out some new mental health apps which may help (I’ll report back). These past few months, and these past few weeks in particular have been really, really hard. But you know what? Talking about it with you all and just getting those words written really does help in a way that I hadn’t expected.

How and where do you talk about your mental health? Do you blog about it, and if so, why?

12 thoughts on “#mentalhealthmonday – why i’m so open

  1. BiblioNyan says:

    I’ve mentioned my mental health on my blog, usually in posts pertaining to life updates or why I’ve randomly gone on hiatuses without notice. But I’ve never really sat down and gotten it all out. To be frank, I’ve wanted to SO many times because I know I’m not alone. But my fear and anxiety always pull me back. It’s like there are these chains wrapped around my arms holding me at bay from talking about my mental health more openly. A large part of it does have to do with the fact that I have an illness that is FILLED to the brim with super negative associations and stereotypes, and I am scared of the judgment and fallout from bringing it up. Another part is just anxiety, straight and cold. I’m trying to fight my fears and muster the strength to talk more about my mental health on my blog, which is my safe space and personal therapeutic home, particularly with writing. I can feel it in my bones that it would help me in ways I can’t quite fathom at the moment. But that fear and anxiety, and even the paranoia… keeps holding me back.

    Your blog posts give me so much internal strength. I don’t always comment, but you really are helping me by talking about yourself and the challenges and difficulties you have faced, as well as the strength with which you fight to overcome those challenges. They motivate me and inspire me to fight and do better for myself and I honestly cannot express to you in words just how profound and impactful that truly is.


    1. whatthelog says:

      *hugs, if wanted* I was worried when I started talking about my psychosis, because that has so much more stigma than depression and anxiety. Thankfully, no one reacted badly. But I totally get where you’re coming from x

      Oh, thank you so much ❤ ❤ This is why I write these posts. If you ever want to chat about mental health privately, just let me know.


  2. The Tsundoku Chronicles says:

    I find it incredibly difficult to talk about my mental health with my parents and family (except my sisters) it’s still so taboo in asian households. But i have been able to open up more recently to some of my friends.


    1. whatthelog says:

      I totally get where you’re coming from. I don’t talk to my parents/family about mental health either. But that’s great hearing about your friends! I hope they’re supporting you 🙂

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  3. Cee Arr @ Dora Reads says:

    *hugs* Take care! ❤

    It's so, so, important to talk about mental health openly – the stigma is still there, and every step we take to change that is a victory! 🙂


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