july monthly wrap-up

Not going to lie, July was a bit of a strange one! I left one job and started another, I graduated, I met my boyfriend’s very extended family for the first time, and I started doing my pre-reading for my Masters in September! Also, I posted SO MANY BOOK REVIEWS. Like, I didn’t realise how many reviews I wrote until putting this post together!

Book Reviews:

general title (47)

Half Life

Queering Sexual Violence

Coconut Unlimited

When We Speak of Nothing

The Great Passage

The Hour of Daydreams

Grrls on the Side

On the Spectrum

City of Saints and Thieves

The King of Bourbon Street

Mental Health Monday:

harry potter title (19)

IM Crisis Service

Periods and Depression

Body Image and Eating Disorders

Upping my Meds


title to use in a tag (51)

Down the TBR Hole


title to use in a tag (52)

London Calling!

Discussion: Readathons and Bingos

Author Q&A: Renee Macalino Rutledge

Make Me Read it Readathon

My goals:

Read 150 books: I am currently on 88/150, which is 2 books ahead of schedule. I would like to be further ahead, but I’ve been working a lot, and reading a lot of nonfiction which takes me longer anyway.

Try more genres: Nooooo.

Read more ARCs: Yeah, I’ve read a couple. However, I have also received like 10 new ARCs so as per usual, I am behind. WHYY, SELF. WHY?

Keep track of what I read: Noooooope. Sensing a theme in this update??

Complete the 2017 Diversity Bingo: The one book I read this month for the Diversity Bingo was Wild by Hannah Moskowitz – it had representation for deaf/hard of hearing characters. I’ve also read one book for my personal London bingo, and I am considering entering the Women in Translation bingo.

2017 diversity bingo (10).jpg

9 thoughts on “july monthly wrap-up

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    Pft, don’t you dare be hard on yourself for not crushing your goals this month. You still made forward progress in an extraordinarily busy month! I am blown away by the number of reviews, let alone overall posts, you published. Plus SO MANY LIFE CHANGES. Do you like your new job? Are you excited for school? How was meeting the BF’s family?! So many questions!


    1. whatthelog says:

      Thank you ❤
      New job is great! I'm doing marketing for an engineering company, which sounds a bit dull but I'm getting some real hands-on experience, and it has confirmed that I enjoy marketing!

      I am both excited and terrified for school – I think the actual publishing degree is going to be amazing, but I'm nervous about living alone in London, and leaving my support system.

      And haha, the boy's family was lovely! I knew they would be, but it is always a nerve-wracking thing, meeting lots of new people at the same time.

      How're you doing? 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

        Yay for great new job! There is certainly something scary about going into a field officially for the first time. I’m so glad you enjoy marketing! And engineering doesn’t sound dull– in fact, very few industries sound dull to me. I feel like as long as the people are good to work with and you find the work you do fulfilling: Victory.

        I hope that you quickly find a support system in closer proximity in London. But yay for school! This will pair really well with your marketing skills. 😀

        Ugh. I hate meeting a ton of new people at once. I can barely keep names straight let alone interact like normal human being. I’m glad it was an easy interaction.

        Life is good. I love my job. I’m working on wedding stuff and I am no longer freaking out as much as I once was. Still a bit. But not as much. I set aside time to work on the blog and catch up on my back log of reviews this weekend– so yeah, I can’t complain. Summer is amazing. 😀


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