top 5 anti-recommendation | the worst books i’ve ever read

I try to keep things really light and happy on my blog, but sometimes, I’ve just got to let my opinions be known! So today for your reading pleasure I have 5 of my least-favourite books that I’ve read.

(A note before I begin: these are just my personal opinions. I am not attacking/cancelling you if you like any or all of these books/authors. I just personally am not a fan.)

Trigger warnings: I am discussing topics including transphobia and ableism

  1. Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger – I’ve ranted long and hard about this book. The basic premise is that it is about a girl who is agoraphobic who gets into a relationship with a pop star via Twitter. Then it turns into a thriller, and the girl magically is cured of her mental illness, and might also be a murderer?? There’s a lot to unpack, but the main thing I disliked was the association of mental illness with violence.
  2. Frankissstein by Jeanette Winterson – I’ve had a weird relationship with this author. I always think that I’m going to love her books, as they’ve got such interesting and relevant ideas behind them. And then the execution just isn’t as good as I’d hoped. That’s basically what happened here, but now heavily seasoned with transphobia, too. While I am not transgender myself, I found this deeply uncomfortable to read.
  3. Snowsisters by Tom Wilinsky and Jen Sternick – again, I’ve talked about this book before. It’s about an all-girl writing workshop, and one of the girls is transgender. Throughout the book you’re meant to empathise with the girl who is tormenting her and being extremely transphobic. In the end, there are zero consequences for her actions. This is probably my most hated book, because it pretends to be so feminist. 
  4. On the Spectrum by Jennifer Gold – I have pretty mixed feelings about this one. On one hand, it has the only depiction of orthorexia that I have ever read, and I think that it is great that eating disorders such as this are being discussed. However, I also found the depiction of the road to recovery to be a bit one-dimensional and lacked a lot of important nuance. I also thought that the depiction of autism was pretty negative, though it did have a couple of good moments.
  5. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon – finally, onto Everything Everything. Here’s a great blog post that explains how ableist this book is, but in summary, it basically says that you can’t be happy or experience life or love if you’re disabled. I read this back before I was diagnosed with any of my conditions, so I didn’t really catch this. I think if I read it for the first time now, it would be a lot more apparent to me. So if you didn’t catch it, check out the review I linked to. It really explains it in a way that I never could.

Phew, that was a difficult post to write! What are your least favourite books?


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