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I try to stick to only buying books that I know that I want. I get so many recommendations from bloggers and Twitter that I just can’t immediately buy any book that I hear of! However, sometimes there are books that I see and I know I’m going to love. Here are my top 5!

  1. Feed by Mira Grant – So last year I was looking for some cheap copies of books by Mira Grant/Seanan McGuire, and the only one I could find was Feed. So I bought it on Kindle on a whim – it was like 99p. And wow, I was so impressed by it! (Not so much the other two in the series, but that’s ok.) I never realised that I would enjoy political zombie books as much as I did.
  2. The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell – I’m a sucker for any books that are about bookshops, libraries, or other books. So when I saw this memoir about Shaun, the owner of The Bookshop in Wigtown (Scotland’s largest second-hand bookshop) I knew that I had to pick it up. I really enjoyed it – it gave a really accurate insight into the eccentricities of the bookselling world!
  3. So Sweet by Rebekah Weatherspoon – I picked up this series of romance/erotic novellas because I was in a reading slump and wanted a couple of quick and dirty reads. I find that when I’m in a life slump/depression these sorts of books really help. And they definitely did the trick! I really enjoyed these books.
  4. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by Caitlin Doughty – I was in a bit of a morbid mood, so I went looking online for some books about, well. Death. I thought that this book was a really interesting look into the death industry, and how it has changed over the years. It wasn’t perfect, but I’d never read anything like it before.
  5. Feast by Hannah Howard – This was a Kindle Unlimited book. Basically, it is the memoir of Hannah, a woman who works in the food industry, who also has an eating disorder. I was interested to read about her experiences, as I also (somewhat) work in the food industry and have a difficult relationship with food.

5 impulse buys that I can’t wait to get to are:

  1. Cat Poems
  2. Beneath the Skin
  3. Into the Drowning Deep
  4. Editor’s Note
  5. I Felt Their Teeth in my Bones

Have you made any impulse book purchases recently? Tell me about them!

7 thoughts on “top 5 recommendation | impulse buys

  1. Lydia Tewkesbury says:

    I’m the same – I hardly ever impulse buy books any more. It just feels like too much risk, haha. This is a great list though! Diary of a Bookseller has been on my radar for a while, but I’ve never gotten around to it for the usual reasons (so. many. books.)

    My last impulse purchase was Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton. I LOVED it and am thankful for it for many reasons, not least of which that it got me into her podcast, The High Low, which is now one of my favourites.


    1. whatthelog says:

      It does feel kind-of risky, doesn’t it? It feels like there are so many books that I could accidentally pick up and then realise that the authors are prejudiced or the books contain fatphobic/transphobic etc. content.

      Diary of a Bookseller is such a gentle, eccentric read. I think the author is writing a follow-up book, which I will definitely pick up.

      OMG I recently impulse-bought Dolly Alderton’s book! I’d heard mutterings about it and then saw it on 2-for-1 in a bookshop, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Glad to hear that you liked it!


  2. dreamingofcats says:

    I never impulse book-buy, tbh! I might buy something I’ve been eyeing for a long while, but that’s sort of a calculated impulse, isn’t it? if I see something shiny and new, I will stand in the bookstore for ten minutes googling Goodreads reviews to see what the masses have to say!


      1. dreamingofcats says:

        ahaha, it’s less self-restraint and more that I hate wasting money so if I’m gonna buy something, I want to be sure that it’s my cup of tea! not that I’m great at saving money, I’ll fritter it away on funko pops and bookstagram props, lol, but those are aesthetic things I can judge in the moment whereas a book requires research for me!


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