top 5 recommendation | books with under 500 goodreads reviews

With these top 5 recommendation posts, I really try to highlight books that you might not have heard of. So, I thought a great theme for this week would be books with under 500 goodreads reviews!

  1. Unfit to Print by K.J. Charles – this is a historical romance between two men, which heavily features Victorian pornography. I KNOW. It has murder, revenge, and a whole lot of smooching. The only reason why it doesn’t have lots of reviews is because it was self-published by the author.
  2. The Book Collector by Alice Thompson – this is magical realism featuring books and fairy tales. It’s a bit like Angela Carter with the creepy bookishness vibes. I think it doesn’t have many reviews because it was published by an independent publisher, and it is perhaps a bit of a niche topic. I’d love to re-read it sometime soon.
  3. Refugee Tales edited by David Herd and Anna Pincus – published by some of my favourites, Comma Press, this is a collection of short stories inspired by Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, written by famous authors such as Ali Smith. They’re based on true stories told to the authors by refugees. It’s probably under-reviewed because it’s a collection of short stories. 
  4. Monkey Beach by Eden Robinson – I read this book during my undergraduate degree. It is an own voices novel about a Canadian Indigenous woman who is visited by ghosts after the death of her brother. (Please look up all of the trigger warnings – this book is really heavy.) This is a classic book, I don’t know why it doesn’t have too many reviews.
  5. The Book of Memory by Patina Gappah – this is one of my favourite books! It is about Memory, an albino woman who is imprisoned in Zimbabwe because she is accused of murder. It looks at the feeling of estrangement and the truth of memories. This might have under 500 reviews because people are racist, and want to read books set in the Western world.


5 books that I would like to read include:

  1. The Star Side of Bird Hill
  2. Yiddish for Pirates
  3. The Queue
  4. Even This Page is White
  5. Whip Smart

What great books do you know of that have under 500 reviews? Let me know!

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