#mentalhealthmonday – subtweeting

I have…a bit to say today! I’ve been thinking a lot about Internet culture, and more specifically, interactions people have on Twitter. So, I thought I would chat about one particular phenomenon – subtweeting.

First of all: I absolutely understand why people subtweet. There are a lot of unspoken power dynamics on the Internet. If you are marginalised in any way, speaking out can be dangerous. If you have a smaller following than the other person, speaking out can lead to their followers piling onto you. And I think it is important to remember that you never know what has happened in private. One of the criticisms of subtweeting is that it would be more effective to talk to a person in private. But you don’t know what other interactions these people have had before.

However, I personally don’t ever see myself subtweeting anyone.

Talk about when I’ve been subtweeted, how that affected my mental health.

Journey – really messed me up at first, now not so much

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