#mentalhealthmonday – ANNOUNCEMENT!

Two announcements in two days? You heard it here first, folks.

I am very excited to announce that I have taken on a new mental health project! Please give a warm welcome to Mind the Page!

Blog banner
pretty pleased with my graphic design skills, ngl

Mind the Page is a collaborative blog where people with lived experiences of mental health conditions review books that represent these conditions. When first diagnosed with BPD, I had a lot of difficulty finding books that represented this mental health condition in a respectful and accurate way, which had been reviewed by other people with BPD. That’s what made me think of creating the blog.

My aim is to make it a space where people can find book reviews by own voices bloggers, as well as to be a general place to find recommendations for books about mental illness. However, I am also looking to have posts with writing advice for authors who do not have lived experiences of mental illness, who are looking to write about it in their work. I am thinking that in the future this might also be where the Mental Health Book Bingo will be hosted, with TBRs, challenges, and reviews posted by the hosts.

With that being said, I would like to announce that the blog is officially open for submissions! If you’ve read a book that represents a mental health condition that you have experienced, I would love a review! Do you have a list of underrated books about mental health that you would like to share? Let me know! Generally, if you have thoughts or questions about mental health representation in books – I want to hear them. I would also love to have some regular contributors/co-hosts, so if you are interested, or know anyone that might be interested, give me a shout about that too. 🙂

Go to the contact page or email me at mindthepage@gmail.com. I have made a Twitter, if you are interested in following that, and I might make an Instagram, I’m not sure.

In terms of whatthelog content, I am planning on keeping Mental Health Mondays as a way to express more personal thoughts, and I will still probably be reviewing some mental health books here, if they do not represent my own mental health conditions. I may be posting a little bit less, but we shall have to see.

SO! That’s that! I would love to hear your thoughts either on here or over at Mind the Page. I’ve got a lot of really great stuff coming, and I hope you will join me in talking about books and mental health!

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