february wrap-up

So February was a surprisingly awesome month. I read OVER 20 BOOKS, which is the most I have read probably since I was in high school. I also am finally sort-of getting my blog stats to what they used to be after my (extended) hiatus last year. While that isn’t the point of my blog, it is still nice nonetheless. On a personal front, work is going well, and I’m just generally doing pretty good!



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My goals:

  • 100 books – I am pushing head with leaps and bounds! I’ve read over 30 books so far this year, so I should definitely reach this goal with no problem.
  • Continue to read diversely – yeah I think I did pretty well this month on that front. However, I’ve realised recently that I really need to read more about religious diversity and physical disabilities. If you’ve got any book recommendations about these marginalisations, let me know!
  • Read more independently published/self-published authors – I read Learning Curves by Ceillie and Unfit to Print by K J Charles.
  • Try to read more genres – not too bad, I read historical fiction, science fiction/dystopia, fantasy, nonfiction, and short stories.
  • Try to re-read a childhood favourite once a month – I read Howl’s Moving Castle!
  • Try to read one graphic novel a month – Yup, I read Bingo Love, as well as Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Vol. 1 and Fence Vol 1.
  • Try to post three times a week – Yes! A lot of the time it was more. It’s weird to me that now I have less time to read and blog, I’m actually posting a lot more!
  • New goal: Increase Netgalley score – right now I am on 63%

Every month I’m also going to update you with what books I’ve read for YARC (Year of the Asian Challenge!). This month I read: Apple & Knife and Kaguya-sama: Love Is War, Vol. 1 bringing my total up to 3.

This month I also participated in round 2 of the Sapphicathon! I read: Bingo Love, Proud, Learning Curves, and Ghost Wall (this one isn’t specifically queer but I think it is definitely implied).

And of course, February is Black History Month in the US! I read: Black Enough, We Are Never Meeting in Real Life, For Every One, and Bingo Love.

I also:

  • Continued with therapy – I didn’t have too many therapy appointments this month, but I’ve been doing pretty good so that’s okay.
  • Planned at least one exciting thing a month – I went to see Lesbian Jesus herself Hayley Kiyoko in concert. And I am very excited to say that I will be meeting Victoria Schwab in March! I’m going with a friend I met during my publishing Masters. SO EXCITED!


5 thoughts on “february wrap-up

  1. christine @ lady gets lit says:

    Wow! I’m so impressed that you read 20 books this month! I accidentally read 9, which is more than I thought I would, but I think my all-time most books in a month was 12 or 13…

    I really like how you check up on all your various goals in this post too. It’s a good reminder for me, because I could definitely stand to work in more religious diversity and disability rep. Sometimes I feel like I get bogged down in finding one kind of rep and then I forget about all the other diversity that’s out there. I guess I need to diversify my diversity reading?


  2. BiblioNyan says:

    I used to love and reading and reviewing for NetGalley, but I think I prefer to read and review obscure titles, especially older ones, more often than not (my tastes have been changing lately, which is totally cool), so NG just doesn’t interest me anymore. It kind of sucks because it was right after I got my score above 90%. *sobs*


  3. Elise @thebookishactress says:

    okay I know I’m super super late but: THANKS FOR PARTICIPATING IN #SAPPHICATHON. seeing Hayley live in concert is so cool, I bet she was incredible!! and I love and relate to your Netgalley goal – mine is at about 95% finally and I’m so so happy.


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