#mentalhealthmonday – 1 month job review

Hey everyone! I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about what my first month of full-time employment has been like, specifically in regards to my mental health!

If you don’t know, in January I started working in marketing full-time. Although I’m not marketing books (I’m in the food and drink industry) I’m really enjoying it and learning SO MUCH. Although I do still ultimately intend on going into the book industry, I feel like getting the practical experience at this company is something that I might not be able to get on the same level in publishing. It’s a tiny start-up so I get to do a lot of hands-on stuff, which is great.

I briefly interned at this company through November and December so I didn’t have any problems becoming accustomed to the vibe or anything. I just kind-of jumped on into full-time. In a mental health aspect that was super great, because I got accustomed to working three days a week for those two months, and then made the adjustment to five days. That way I didn’t get overwhelmed or anything like that!

I currently work four days at home and one day in London. I cannot express to you how awesome this set-up is right now. The four days I spend either at home or at a cafe, and it is amazing because if I’m having a bad mental health day I can take some time to calm down or make myself feel better. And a lot of my communication with my boss is over slack so if I’m looking a mess or have been obviously crying or something, nobody knows. On Fridays I commute down to London to go to the office. This suits me too because I can handle one early start a week. Doing this has also helped with my loneliness, because I tend to stay the night with one of my friends who live in or around London! It’s great.

There are some things that I need to work on in regards to my mental health and work, however. I’m a bit of a workaholic. When I get really invested in a project, I don’t want to stop! And not being in the office means that I don’t have a set space or time when I work. I’ve accidentally gone on working until 8 or 9pm because I’ve been so engrossed! However I’m really trying to work on that, because it has been cutting into my time for reading, blogging, and spending time with my boyfriend.

I think as well that a part of the reason why I’m working so late is because I have this constant nagging thought in the back of my head that I’m not good at my job, and that I’m going to be fired. I know that isn’t the case – I’m pretty good at my job! – but my brain is determined to make me worry about that. Hopefully as time goes on this will lessen.

Finally, I’m trying to be really careful with the stuff that I’m reading in terms of my job. Being in marketing and the food and drink industry, there’s a lot of stuff that I need to learn about that has to do with weight/health/eating, etc. I don’t want my job to make me start obsessing over food/calories/body image. So far I’ve distanced myself from that, but I’m going to keep a close eye on how I’m feeling in regards to all of that.


6 thoughts on “#mentalhealthmonday – 1 month job review

  1. christine @ lady gets lit says:

    I’m really glad things have been going well for you work wise!

    I can understand why you’d consider yourself a workaholic. Even though I don’t work from home, I am definitely too hard on myself when it comes to all the things I do outside of work, like blogging and reading and (hopefully) writing. I feel this need to be constantly productive, even though I know it’s (a) impossible and (b) unhealthy. I also know what it’s like when your brain is constantly ragging on you. Even though I know I do a good job and I’m important to my coworkers, I still sometimes wonder if they hate me and I’m actually the worst employee. Sometimes our brains just suck.

    Have you tried using an app to focus your time? I use one called BeFocused. You set up the intervals you want to work in, and then it automatically reminds you to take a break. Plus you can have a goal for how many intervals you want to accomplish, and then once you’re done you know it’s time to take it easy for the day.

    lots of love xoxo


    • whatthelog says:

      Thank you!
      OH MY GOD I am exactly the same. I always criticise myself for not doing enough, with work and with hobbies. But my boyfriend keeps telling me that I do more than anyone else he knows!! And yeah, I constantly worry that I’m a terrible employee and that I’m about to be fired :/
      Ooh, thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely look into that.

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      • christine @ lady gets lit says:

        One of my friends is also depressed and happens to be a therapist, and we regularly text each other things about depression brain and playfully yell at each other to stop being so hard on ourselves. At least we’re not alone, right?


  2. Claire says:

    It’s great that your new work situation is so well suited to you, it sounds completely ideal! I can imagine regulating yourself on working hours will come more easily with practice.

    I completely hear you on reading for work – we’re doing some healthy life books and I’ve had to read about diets and exercise stuff recently to research. Sent me on a bit of a wobble!

    I hope this job stays great for you and really helps you grow in the way you want!


    • whatthelog says:

      Ah thank you Claire! 🙂 Oh no, are you okay? It’s really hard to read diet culture-y stuff without it sticking in your head. Even when it’s well-intentioned. (Sometimes especially when it’s well-intentioned.)
      Thank you so much!! xx


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