january wrap-up

Well, January 2019 has come to a close, and therefore so has the 2019 Mental Health Book Bingo! I’m going to do a proper wrap-up in the next couple of days, but I just wanted to say a big thank you to all my co-hosts and CW, who designed the board and Instagram schedule. It’s been really chill, and really great fun!

In January I got off to a bit of a rocky start – I started working full time and severely overestimated the number of blog posts I would be able to write! But now I think I’m in the swing of things, and hopefully in February I’ll read and write a lot more.

Book reviews:


Just Eat It

She Must Be Mad

Girl in Need of a Tourniquet

Mental Health Monday


I’m actually sleeping

Blue Monday

January sucks

Top 5 Recommendation


2018 books I want to read in 2019

2019 mental health releases



Sapphicathon TBR

Year of the Asian Reading Challenge

2019 goals

  • 100 books – I am on track with 11!
  • Continue to read diversely – Because it was the Mental Health Book Bingo, most of the books I read had some aspect of mental health (I read about bipolar disorder, BPD, OCD, anxiety, and depression). Some of these books also included queer characters, including a nonbinary character, as well as POC. However, I feel like I could have pushed myself more in terms of diversity this month.
  • Read more independently published/self-published authors – Not this month 😦
  • Try to read more genres – Yeah, sort-of! I read a poetry book, a graphic novel, some YA, a kid’s book, a horror, and some nonfiction.
  • Try to re-read a childhood favourite once a month – Yes! I re-read Matilda this month, and loved it, of course. (I went to see the musical last year and thought it was brilliant). I got one of the 30th anniversary editions, and I just adore the idea of Matilda as the Chief Executive of the British Library! (That’s the middle edition). matilda-30th-anniversary-book.jpg
  • Try to read one graphic novel a month – I also did this! I read Moonstruck Vol 1 which was a very cute sapphic read.
  • Try to post three times a week – LOL NO. However I’ve got February pretty much scheduled, so hopefully that’ll improve next month!
  • I also actually remembered to track my reading! I’m using Reader Voracious’ book blogger spreadsheet template, and it is a dream.

Every month I’m also going to update you with what books I’ve read for YARC (Year of the Asian Challenge!). This month I read: Darius the Great is Not Okay. I really want to up the number of Asian books I read in February.

On a more personal note, I also:

  • Continued with therapy – I didn’t have a lot of therapy this month, but I did go a few times. I’m hoping to go every week in February, because I don’t think the as-and-when schedule is quite cutting it.
  • Did some adulting – I got new glasses (yay being able to see!), had my hair cut (which I’ve been putting off since 2017), and through my job started putting money towards a pension. My boyfriend and I have also made a decision to stop drinking alcohol altogether (I’m going to talk about this in a Mental Health Monday post next month) and we might start doing meat-free Mondays as well.
  • Planned at least one exciting thing a month – yes! I went to see my undergraduate friends in London – we went to Five Guys, which is always a good time. I also met up with my high school friend from Bermuda. For February, I’m going to see Hayley Kiyoko!

In other news, I kind-of restarted my whatthelog Instagram – if you want to have a follow that would be really nice! I’m trying not to focus on followers/themes, because last year that became really overwhelming.

How was your January? Leave a comment below! x


8 thoughts on “january wrap-up

  1. iamrainbou says:

    Love this post and love you read Moonstruck! I’m making it my mission to get everyone to give it a chance hahaha You go!! Hope February is full of amazing things for you! And I can’t wait to read all your posts!


  2. christine @ lady gets lit says:

    I love that you ended up re-reading Matilda!! I loved that book soooo much when I was a kid. Reading about a little girl who loves reading made me feel less alone, I suppose. I actually named my car Matilda as a tribute…and I got my 8-year-old niece a copy of the book as one of her Christmas presents.


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