diverse book blogger spotlight: none completed

1. Who are you and where do you blog?
I’m Cate, i separate my time between randomly popping up on Instagram, posting reviews on Goodreads and linking all those to my Review Archive. But i’m mainly on Instagram lol.
2. What do you look for in a 5 star read?
My rating system is very selfish? a 5 star read consists basically of books that made me have A LOT/ALL THE feelings, specially sad/soul crushing reads. Human Acts by Han Kang comes to mind as a perfect example of what I see as a 5 star read, i learned new historical details on South Korean culture, the level of human emotion was raw and overwhelming, Deborah Smith’s translation showed true dedication to the story and respect for the author’s vision, and the book itself will haunt for me forever!
3. I love your instagram – do you think instagram is a good medium for talking about diverse books?
I do! I’ve mostly been a lurker for the most part (social anxieties et all) but the conversations I do occasionally have open up a lot of new reads and the best ways to consume a book! Before instagram I never really considered audiobooks but i was talking with @btlbookstore1 just last week and they were saying how enjoyable  “Their Eyes Were Watching God” had been in audio. Also aesthetically nothing brings a reader to look into a book like a really good picture of it! I feel like a visual incentive of the book can open up more conversation of it!
4. Do you find there are any pressures of being a book blogger? If so, how do you deal with them?
When I first started I wanted to be instantly successful, with all the likes, follows and free books by publishers (of course), but now i’m happy i’m pretty low key on instagram, it makes my sporadic blogging less of a stress lol.
5. What’s your favourite book you’ve read because of diverse book bloggers?
 “T’ill the Well Runs Dry” @storyscape had done a booktube review just praising it left to right, and her praise was dead on! most of the time tho it’ll happen that i already have the book i just haven’t read it, then someone will post about it, so i pick it up lol, happened recently with “Claire of the Sealight” after @baosbooks was posting about!
6. Do you have any big plans for this year?
Not really? I feel like my blogging just depends in my reading streak, but i do want to post more often about diverse canadian reads, just need to actually read some more often lol!

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