diverse book blogger spotlight: the reader devotee

Thank you so much to Sabrina for agreeing to be on my blog today!

1. Who are you and where do you blog? 

My name is Sabrina and I blog at thereaderdevotee.wordpress.com My Instagram is thereaderdevotee and my Twitter handle is readerdevotee

I review Young Adult books ranging from Contemporary to Fantasy and Middle Grade. My favourite series of all time is Harry Potter. The books always welcome me back to the magical world.

2. What do you think you have learned throughout your time as a book blogger? 

If there’s one important thing that I have learned, I acknowledged that it is extremely hard to write blog posts consistently. Being a full time student is truly exhausting and sometimes it is really impossible to write blog post and study at the same time.

I also learned that likes and followers do not determine how successful you are in the blogging community. As long as you are sincere in doing your work, even if there is only two people who read your posts, your blog is considered good already. It takes time to grow and develop in this community, just work hard and good will come to you.

3. What do you think the publishing industry could do better in terms of representation? 

I wish publishers will notice POC reviewers and treat them seriously. It is disappointing when the same ‘group’ of people (Book bloggers and BookTubers) receive the special treatment. The publishers act like there are no other suitable people who can review the books fairly. For instance, just look at how many POC who are invited to talk in panels at book expositions? I guess NONE.

I wish there is a fair marketing strategy and publicity to all diverse books. There are many good diverse books out there. I have read many good books from diverse authors but unfortunately they don’t receive the same amount of publicity compared to other books written by white authors. For instance, American Panda by Gloria Chao is honestly a fantastic diverse book published in 2018. However, they aren’t many people in BookTube who review them. I am honestly disappointed. How can books be popular if they aren’t reviewed by book people and publicised by publishers?

Sometimes a diverse book seems underrated because they aren’t many people who read them, however people do not know that the book has so many potential!

4. What are some book tropes that you love/loathe? 

I love strong women characters in books! They are my role models!

I don’t necessarily loathe these tropes, because I think I’ve used to read these. I am tired of reading love triangles, because sometimes the main character always ends up with his/her partner who I don’t like LOL

5. What has been your favourite book you’ve read because of diverse book bloggers? 

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before! I read reviews from diverse book bloggers and I was honestly intrigued into reading the trilogy!

You guys should really read the trilogy!

6. Do you have any big plans coming up? 

Right now, I don’t really have a big plan for my blog since I am VERY busy preparing for my final year project presentation next month. I do hope that I will blog regularly after my presentation, because I really want the book community to notice more diverse books! Who else is going to review them? BOOK BLOGGERS!

I am near to my first year of blogging, so I would love to do a series of interviewing book bloggers all over the world in order for me to broaden my perspective in book blogging. You really have to socialise with other people to an insight on how they work and create masterpieces.

Thank you very much, Wendy for giving me this opportunity to talk about myself and thoughts about the publishing world and for being a diverse book bloggers as a whole. This is honestly a good platform for diverse book bloggers to share their ideas to improve and support more diverse books in the future.




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