diverse book blogger spotlight: thoughtful black girl

I am very pleased to have Daja from Thoughtful Black Girl on my blog today! Thanks for agreeing to chat with me!

  1. Who are you and where do you blog?My name is Daja and I’m a full time college student studying Communications with a minor in African-American Studies and English. I am the blogger behind Thoughtful Black Girl, in which I review books, do book tags and have a discussion post on some random topic every month.
  2. What’s been your most recent 5-star read, and what made it so good?I hardly ever give a full five stars because I’m such a picky reader! But the last one that received a full five stars was American Street by Ibi Zoboi. It’s not as hyped as it should be, in my opinion. This book has gorgeous writing and I think that the way she writes the characters to be so realistic is beautiful. It’s just a beautiful book all around!
  3. I love your bookstagram account-do you think bookstagram is a good avenue for talking about diverse books and inclusivity?Thank you! I really like yours, too! I think that bookstagram is a good avenue for promoting diverse books but I don’t think that a lot of talking goes on with bookstagram. Twitter seems to be the place where a lot of people talk about inclusivity and diverse books. I really like Instagram, though, because it’s nice not to talk about the need for diverse books all the time. On Instagram, you can just appreciate the diverse books that you see because bookstagrammers make it look so beautiful!
  4. If you could change anything about your favorite book, what would it be and why?This has to be the hardest question you’ve asked so far! My favorite book is definitely Dawn by Octavia Butler but I don’t know what I would change about it. Maybe the beginning, though. I had to read it for class and the beginning didn’t hook me as a reader. But it gets so much better!
  5. Do you think the Diverse Book Blogger community is important? Why or why not?I definitely think that we are important because there are some things that non-diverse book bloggers wouldn’t pick up on when it comes to problematic content. The problematic representation does matter because it influences people over time and creates stereotypes. Most of the time diverse book bloggers help to limit the problematic things. Plus, I think that it’s very nice to hear from people different and yet the same from you in some aspect.
  6. Any big plans for the future?Not really drastic things but I’m planning to beta read for some future authors while I’m enjoying a beach somewhere. Also I might try to go to one of Dhonielle Clayton’s and Zoraida Cordova’s books tour since I really liked The Belles.

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