pride book recommendations

Happy pride month everyone! I’ve been celebrating hard this month – listening to Hayley Kiyoko and reading queer books! So today I thought I would give some recommendations for queer books! I’ve tried to stick to under-hyped books that you may not have heard of, to support smaller (often queer) authors!

Lesbian –

Kissing the Witch | The Space Between | Lambs Can Always Become Lions

Gay – 

The Art of Starving | How to Survive a Summer | Timekeeper

Bisexual – I’ve made a list of bisexual books before, but a couple of other bisexual books include:

The Brightsiders | Not Otherwise Specified | Not Your Sidekick

Transgender –

Nevada | Jaya and Rasa | When We Speak of Nothing

Queer/questioning –

Little & Lion | Ramona Blue | Summer Love

Intersex –

None of the Above | That Inevitable Victorian Thing | Golden Boy

Asexual/Aromantic – 

City of Strife | Chameleon Moon | Hello World

Pansexual –

Final Draft | The Melody of You and Me |Seven Ways We Lie


A Boy Called Cin | Whip Stir and Serve | Symptoms of Being Human

Do you have any recommendations for me of characters of these gender identities/sexual orientations? Let me know!

12 thoughts on “pride book recommendations

  1. Sahi says:

    Tats a wonderful list of recommendations Wendy… I didn’t really know about some of them, so thanks for that 😊😊😊


  2. mia says:

    That’s such a wonderful list! This is what I’ve been doing too. I’ve been jamming to Troye Sivan and reading James Baldwin. Thank you for sharing this Reet!


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