diverse book blogger spotlight: word wonders

Today I am privileged to host Fadwa of Word Wonders on my blog!

1. Who are you and where do you blog?

Hi, I’m Fadwa a 21 year old medstudent by day and a bookblogger when I have the time, usually the weekends. I’ve been blogging at Word Wonders (www.wordwoonders.wordpress.com) for a little over two years now. I also draw and paint in my spare time and make art for diverse books that I put up in my Redbubble.

2. If you could change one thing about your favourite book, what would it be?

I have a few favourite books but I wouldn’t change anything about most of them. The only one I can think of is The Forbidden Wish, I’d make the MC Zahra canonically bisexual, because she reads heavily that way (everyone who’s read that book sees it) but it’s all headcanon, it’s said nowhere that she is and I would really love for that to actually be a fact in text.

3. What do you think of the current push towards increased diversity and inclusivity in books? Is the publishing industry doing enough?

I think “Finally!”. Diversity and Inclusivity should have always been a thing. Marginalized folks have always needed to see ourselves in book, we are a non negligeable part of society and I think media in no way shows that. Until very recently, we were non existant, or if we existed, if was for comic relief or the portrayal was all kinds of wrong and offensive. So I’m happy to finally see a push to make a space for us. As for the publishing industry, I think there’s a lot more they could be doing, like hiring a lot more people of color, queer people, disabled people, and so on and so forth in all kinds of jobs and positions, giving marginalized authors more opportunities instead of telling them that the quota was met, when there never seems to be any kind of quota for allocishet white non-disabled authors. I’ve recently seen some publishers create “diverse” imprints but I think that isn’t the right way to go about this. All that does is further isolate us instead of normalizing books that represent us. We need to be part of the established imprints.

4. What is your favourite genre of books, and why?

I can’t choose between Fantasy and Contemporary. I know they’re like polar opposites but each genre brings me something I love the other doesn’t. To me, where fantasy is escapism (even when dealing with timely issues), contemporary grounds me to reality and both those things are important to me. It just depends on my mood.

5. Why do you consider yourself a Diverse Book Blogger?

Well, first off, I’m a brown queer Muslim woman among other things, and I advocate for representation in books as much as I can. I support and boost books by marginalized authors and I discuss diversity issues on my blog as well as on Twitter.

6. Do you have any blogging plans for 2018?

None super specific. I want to keep going as I am right now, writing about things I care about, reviewing diverse books and growing steadily. I really want to reach 2000 followers but that’s more a wish than a goal and it’s not essential to my blogging experience either, it’s just a nice number haha. I also want to feature as many people as possible on my blog’s guest post series #DiverseBookBloggersDiscuss.

3 thoughts on “diverse book blogger spotlight: word wonders

  1. Lydia Tewkesbury says:

    I am very impressed that you find time to blog with med school. I lived with medics when I was at university and they never seemed to have time for anything!

    Love what you said about quotas. So. Fucking. True.


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