why i’m a terrible book blogger

I’ve been thinking about this post for a while now – whilst I seem to have gathered a bit of a following on here (no idea why over 600 of you are following me!), I am a categorically terrible book blogger.

  • Forgetfulness – I have an absolutely awful memory. I often have to look at other people’s Goodreads reviews to remember what has happened and what the characters’ names were (this is my downfall in particular). And then I get down into a rabbit hole of reading other people’s reviews, and soaking up what they think about it rather than what I thought about the book!
  • Scheduling. IΒ often get an idea for a blog post and then write it up months later once the impetus to write it is completely gone (which is what I have done with this blog post!) But related to that, I don’t tend to review books as soon as I’ve finished them, which is what I definitely should do.
  • Netgalley is my enemy. I am so, so bad at keeping up to date with Netgalley. (Don’t get me started on Edelweiss, I don’t understand that particular website.) I’m still recovering from when I went on a requesting spree and requested ALL THE BOOKS. My feedback percentage is woefully bad. And this links to:
  • ARCS. Getting ARCs read and reviews written on time is absolutely impossible for me. I love getting ARCs, and I’m very lucky that I receive them, and I do want to read them before the book comes out, but I find it difficult to keep on track with all of them. If you have a method for how to keep on top of ARCs and their publication dates, let me know!
  • And this is because I’m a mood reader. Even if I have an ARC that desperately needs to be read, if I’m not in the mood, it just isn’t going to happen. And I don’t force myself to read books that I’m not in the mood for, because I’ll judge them unfairly and write a more negative review than if I had just waited until I was in the mood.

What about you? What things do you do that make book blogging difficult?




15 thoughts on “why i’m a terrible book blogger

  1. queenpea77 says:

    I wouldn’t say you were a terrible book blogger, after all 600 people including me disagree! It seems that you don’t conform to what’s typically expected of book bloggers and bloggers in general. You have to stick to what works for you or else it stops being fun and is more like a drain on your spirit. Which is never a good thing. Keep doing what you’re doing, and manage yours (and others expectations) – which you are already!😊 For me my struggle is mainly scheduling but I’m starting to find my stride in this by specifically setting aside time for writing/blog stuff. Sometimes it works and sometimes not but I’m making progress 😊


  2. Sarah says:

    I relate to a lot of these, but I’m expecting a follow-up post on why you’re a wonderful book blogger as well. πŸ™‚ Scheduling and forgetfulness are probably my biggest downfalls. I’ve somehow been able to cool it on my NetGalley requests, so at least I’ve got that going for me I guess. I think my other biggest thing is not knowing what to blog about when I don’t have reviews to post!


  3. Lydia Tewkesbury says:

    We read you cause you’re great!

    If it is any comfort, I am at least 2 weeks behind on book reviews at any given time. I kind of like it that way though – it means I don’t run out of content for my blog!


  4. Ayah says:

    1. You are not a terrible blogger.
    2.You are an amazing blogger.
    3. You have no idea how many people feel the same way about their blogs.
    4. This blogpost is relatable AF.


  5. whatsnonfiction says:

    You’re not terrible at all!! I think so many people feel this way. Book blogging is a great hobby but the upkeep can take a lot. About ARCs, I’ve also gone through bad phases with them…now I’m really selective about what I take (even so I’ve DNFed too many recently) and make some kind of schedule for their publishing dates – either just on your phone calendar or in a word doc if you have a lot of titles to organize. I think most publishers are also flexible about when you post a review, including if it’s like a month after..I see reviews appearing in big publications quite a while after the pub dates, so I try to remind myself there’s more leeway than we sometimes think πŸ™‚


  6. greysonreads says:

    I keep track of arcs by doing a spreadsheet of the name, author, publication date, the archive date, whether its available on my kindle or if I have to download it onto Adobe Digital Reader and then how many days I have left with it on there before it expires. I also enter the date they are archived and when they expire in my Google calendar as I sue that for everything, giving it a different colour. That really helped me keep track of them!
    I also don’t understand edelweiss either, I signed up but have really used it at all!
    I’m struggling to read arcs lately as more often than not they’re not for me so you’re not alone!


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