january monthly wrap-up

January has been an absolutely fantastic month for me, both personally and for the blog. I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of the Mental Health Book Bingo, and I’m sad to see it end. But end it must!

Book reviews: 

Copy of harry potter title (3)

Challenger Deep

Under Rose-Tainted Skies


Mental Health Monday:

harry potter title (44)

Why the Bingo?

New Year Blues

My Paranoia Story



Author Interview:

Copy of harry potter title (6)

Brandy Colbert

Akemi Dawn Bowman


Copy of harry potter title (4)

The Anti-Bucket List

Diversity Spotlight Thursday

Mental Health Tropes and How to Avoid Them: Part 1

My goals:

  1. Read 52 books – this is going very well! I’m on 12 books already, which makes me very happy indeed! I know that I’m going to easily beat this goal, but I didn’t want to push myself as much as I did in this regard, as I did last year.
  2. Read more diversely – again, I think this is going well! The Mental Health Book Bingo made me read books about mental health, and I really tried to read about experiences that I’ve never had. I also read Diversify and Little Fires Everywhere.
  3. Post on bookstagram/Litsy – this has been going fairly well! I’ve read 219 followers on Instagram and 409 on Litsy. I’ve been posting most days, so that’s good enough for me!
  4. Comment more on all social media – I’ve definitely been having ups and downs with this one – some days I’ll completely forget, and some days I’ll post all over the place! I just need to be a bit more structured with this goal.

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