#mentalhealthmonday – pets

If there’s one thing that I can rely on in life, it’s that I love animals. Seriously, I’m one of those people who will squeal at dogs when driving, greet your dog before I greet you, and generally fuss over animals more than they probably deserve. (And they deserve EVERYTHING!)

When I was at home last, I noticed that whenever I was feeling down, I could play with my dog Jasper and it would immediately lift my mood. He would also know whenever I was feeling low, and was extra gentle with me, cuddling up (which he doesn’t normally do!) and letting me just pet him. This was so soothing for me, you have no idea. I could feel my anxieties just seeping out of me as I pet him.

I’ve always wanted an emotional support dog, though I’m not sure how much this would cost to get a dog trained, and I don’t know if they have the same laws here in the UK as to whether they count as service dogs. I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to either work from home, so I can look after my dogs (I want two corgis!) or I can take them to work with me. I think this would have a huge effect on my depression and anxiety, especially if I can take them for brief walks throughout the day. I know that workplaces, especially within the arts industries, are becoming more and more tolerant of having animals around. Hurray!!

I also think that having dogs will make me get out of my own head – like, there are animals that I need to look after, I don’t have the option to wallow in my own depressed thoughts, if that makes sense. They’d also make sure that I get outside at least once a day, which always has a good effect on my mood. However, that’s all in the future. All I know for now is that I need to keep animals in mind when thinking about self care, and visit home as much as possible so I can play with Jasper again and again.

Do animals have the same effect on you?

23 thoughts on “#mentalhealthmonday – pets

  1. Writing from the Heart says:

    Yes they 100% do! I always say hello to dogs as I pass them on the street and forget to speak to the person who is walking them! 🙈 I love animals….we have an adorable pug pup who we recently got from a breeder. He’s adorable 🙂


  2. RedRocketPanda says:

    Both of my dogs that I’ve had (my last dog and the current one) I ended up getting to help me with my depression so I’d be happy to talk to you about it if you want? Our laws around service dogs here are very complicated and, tbh, emotional support dogs aren’t really counted as service dogs – only guide dogs, etc. There are lots of things you can do yourself though to encourage a dog to exhibit certain behaviors which could help you, and some of them do it very naturally.

    My staffy is very attuned to my emotions and gives me extra cuddles when he picks up that I’m feeling low (which is saying something as he will usually want to cuddle ANYWAY). You’re always welcome to come round and hang out with him if you want? One of my friends comes round about once a month literally to borrow Achilles and hang out with him, so I am used to it xD


  3. Jenniverse says:

    I have 3 Chihuahuas and they’re so good at knowing if something is up! I suffer from quite severe depression at times and they always manage to bring me out of the pit I’ve dug myself into. I think that any pup can really help you, they’re just so cute and loving it’s hard not to be happy around them xx


  4. Derpy Dog says:

    Regulations are becoming much more strict for support animals lately partly due to those who have been lying about their need for one and bringing untrained animals in public. I am a trained support animal for PTSD and while I believe support animals are very important for those who need it, it can also be a great burden. You will have to constantly educate people on laws and regulations everywhere you go. Support animals also aren’t allowed in as many places as service dogs and this can be very inconvenient. Additionally, you likely wouldn’t be able to have two support animals. They would have to be service animals and each would have to be specifically trained for a different disability. Training can be expensive but some therapists can help with training the dog to your specific needs while giving you therapy. Do some research and make sure you know the laws in your area like the back of your hand! Good luck in your journey!


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