sum-up sunday: 1

Hello everyone – I’m very happy to say that the Mental Health Book Bingo is up and going! I can’t believe it’s been the first week already! Here’s a sum-up of what’s been going on:

pucksandpaperbacks TBR

Booksofashygirl’s TBR

annelisemontewriter’s TBR

I also posted:

The Anti-Bucket List

Challenger Deep Review

This week we also had our first Twitter chat! I was the host, which made me very nervous indeed, but I hope I can speak for everyone when I say that we all had a really great time talking about books and mental health!

Questions included:

  • Why is it important for you to read about mental health?
  • What aspects of mental health would you like to read more about?
  • A lot of these books contain heavy material. What are you going to do throughout January to take care of yourself?

Coming up in the next week will be:

I don’t know about you, but I am incredibly excited about this! Hope to see you there!


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