end of the year book tag

I was tagged by the wonderful Mariam @mariammybooks in the End of the Year Book Tag! Here are the questions:

1. Have you read any book(s) with someone? If yes, what was your buddy-read for 2017?

Yes! I read In the Shadow of the Banyan with the wonderful Sinead, and I am currently buddy-reading Nora & Kettle with Wendy.

2. Any new author(s) that surprised you?

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Celeste Ng’s Everything I Never Told You. I am hugely excited to read Little Fires Everywhere.

3. What’s a new genre you tried?

I tend to read pretty much anything, but the horror of House of Leaves was quite a bit outside of my comfort zone.

4. Any book(s) you read in the beginning of the year that you still recall very fondly in December.

The first book I read this year was The Good Immigrant, and it remains one of my top reads for this year. (Check out my upcoming posts for my favourites!)

5. Favorite book(s) you read during your birth month.

I read How to Make a Wish during April, and absolutely adored every second I spent reading it.

6. A book series you finished/started in 2017.

I started the Shades of Magic series this year – I read the first two books, and I’m going to get around to the third novel at some point in the new year.

7. Book(s) that everyone raved about in 2017 that you didn’t feel strongly about.

I honestly can’t think of anything!

8. News that made you super excited for 2018!

All of the releases! See my list of 2018 releases here.

9. Give me 2 books you’d re-read, 1 you wish you could forget, and 7 you’d buy for your past self.

2 books I’d re-read:

  1. Queens of Geek
  2. Living a Feminist Life

1 I wish I could forget:

10 Things I Can See From Here

7 I’d buy for my past self:

  1. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
  2. Juliet Takes a Breath
  3. It’s All Absolutely Fine
  4. Feminist Fight Club
  5. Dumplin’
  6. Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race
  7. Fuck Depression

10. Name one bookish goal you’ve achieved.

I interviewed a bunch of authors this year! And in January there will be the Mental Health Book Bingo!

2 thoughts on “end of the year book tag

  1. Jackie B @ Death by Tsundoku says:

    This tag is super fun! I love End of Year tags because they provide an easy way to reflect on the end of the year. I might just steal this one for my own blog. 😉 I haven’t done my EOY wrap-up posts yet (coming soon!) and this is good fodder to begin my thinking.

    I’m impressed you didn’t find any books over-hyped! I can think of two books I read which I disliked that everyone else seems to love. That said, I don’t often read new releases… so perhaps these aren’t books people I know loved in 2017, but in other years? Does that matter? 😉


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