november monthly wrap-up

Hello everyone. November has been a bit of a weird one for me – what with blog slump, continuing to get used to my new home, and general university things, I feel like I haven’t been around all that much. I’m hoping this can change when going into December.

Book reviews: 

general title (68)

The Center Cannot Hold

Secrets for the Mad

On Being Insane

Mental Health Monday: 

harry potter title (40)

Living Alone

World Kindness Day

Men’s Mental Health


title to use in a tag (90)

One Lovely Blog

Diversity Spotlight Thursday

Currently Reading


title to use in a tag (88)

Nonfiction November

Short Story Sunday

Author Interview: Taylor Brooke

My Publishing Degree


Sapphicathon TBR

Discussion: borrowing books

The Secret of the Purple Lake: Author Interview

Read 150 books: I’m on 135/150, which means I am 1 book behind schedule at the moment. I’d really like to be ahed of schedule at this point, but ah well.

Try more genres: I’ve not tried anything particularly new this month, I’m afraid. A bit more nonfiction than usual, but that’s it.

Read more ARCs: As per usual, I’ve been trucking through my ARCs. I’ve not got too many e-ARCs left, thank goodness!

Complete the 2017 Diversity Bingo: I’ve still got 6 books to go!

2017 diversity bingo (14).jpg

I also attempted nonfiction November, and failed miserably. Ah, well.

What have you been doing this November? If you’ve done a wrap-up, link it to me so I can check it out!



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