my publishing degree

As I’m sure you know, I’m doing a publishing degree at UCL. I thought I would quickly go through my degree and what it actually entails! I’m currently on my reading week, so I am halfway through my first term – I can’t quite believe it!


Sales, Marketing and Promotion

So this is what it says on the tin – sales and marketing. So far we’ve talked about various marketing theories and social media. We’re going to go onto more practical things like writing up a marketing plan next week, which I’m really looking forward to. The assignment for this one is making up a marketing plan for an imaginary book – I can’t wait to tell you about the book that I’ve created!

Author Management

This is more editorial – we’ve looked at copywriting, structural editing, and working with academics. We’re also going to talk about copyright and intellectual property, contracts, literary agents, all sorts of things! For this one we have to create an author toolkit, which is basically a summary for potential authors from the editorial team about what we can do for the author. I have to make up my own imprint for this one too, which has been super fun so far.


Publishing Skills

This is the most practical of all my classes – we’re looking at InDesign, and things like how to create an Advance Information Sheet, and eventually we’re going to design a book cover. This is more the production side of publishing, which isn’t something that I’m particularly interested in myself, but I think it’s important that everyone in the industry is aware of the practicalities of production and design.

Publishing Entrepreneurship

Business planning, financial management, and business management are all topics that we’ve covered in this particular class. This is the class that I’m the least comfortable in, because it is the most obviously business class, if that makes sense. I don’t have much of a background in this, as I did my undergraduate degree in English Literature. However, I do think that I’m learning a lot, which is the main thing!

Overall I am hugely enjoying my course – it’s so varied, and has a very good mix of academic and industry information. If you’re looking to do a publishing degree, I would seriously recommend coming to UCL!


7 thoughts on “my publishing degree

  1. blattzirkus says:

    That publishing degree sounds fun as you describe it. I had to laugh a bit at the Publishing Skills paragraph about InDesign since I have a degree in Graphic Design and InDesign can be…difficult as in “diva” difficult.

    I hope for you that you stay as enthusiastic throughout the whole study. It’s been a nice post, to even see what this degree is all about.

    xo Annina


  2. Sarah says:

    This is super interesting!! I’ve been looking at publishing degrees on and off for a while… We’ll see what I decide, but for now I think I’m going to hold off. 🙂


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