september monthly wrap-up

Hello one and all! September has been an extremely busy month for me – I finished up my marketing internship, I moved to London, and I started on my Publishing Masters course! I have also been as busy as a bee organising things for the Mental Health Book Bingo, which will be taking place this November! There will be more about that throughout October, but let me tell you now – I am very excited!


general title (60)

The Power Review

Hunger Review

Mini Reviews

Things a Bright Girl Can Do Review

Mental Health Monday:

harry potter title (32)

The Mental Health Challenge

Love the Skin You’re In

Playing Games

Internalised Prejudice


title to use in a tag (66)

Diversity Spotlight Thursday

Down the TBR Hole

Diversity Spotlight Thursday


title to use in a tag (71)

Discussion: Reading vs Reviewing

Reading Quest Results and GIVEAWAY

Intro to: Bullet Journal

Starfish Author Interview

Discussion: Stats

Recent Book Haul

Read 150 books: I’m currently slightly behind schedule at 110 books but I’m sure I’ll catch up a bit – eeking my way to the finishing line!

Try more genres: I’ve read quite a lot of nonfiction this month – F**k Depression, Hunger, Working Woman’s Handbook, Queer City… I’m really enjoying this nonfiction binge!

Read more ARCs: Yup, as per usual, I am drowning in ARCs. HELP!

Complete the 2017 Diversity Bingo: Only 7 more books to go! If you’ve got any recommendations for me for any of these squares, do let me know!

2017 diversity bingo (12).jpg

5 thoughts on “september monthly wrap-up

  1. Lucille says:

    MC with chronic pain: I read Ascension by Jacqueline Koyanagi recently which was good! Not a new fave like I expected but diverse SFF are always nice to me!
    Visually impaired MC: the shor story Angel of the Blockade by Alex Wells on the webstite! But I don’t think short stories count? Anyway it’s good 😀

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