june monthly wrap-up

Summer has arrived! While I am working quite a lot, this also means that I have more free time to read, review, and generally relax.

Book reviews:

general title (39)

The Things I Would Tell You

Future Leaders of Nowhere

Juliet Takes a Breath

How to Survive a Summer

Long Macchiatos and Monsters

Knit One Girl Two

A Safe Girl to Love

Sea Foam and Silence

My Fairy Godmother is a Drag Queen

Mental Health Monday:

harry potter title (17)

Working in Mental Health

Haldol and Hyacinths

When Am I Cured?

My Romantic Relationship


title to use in a tag (47)

Book Buying Habits Tag

Anything But Books Tag

Mid-Year Book Freak Out Tag


title to use in a tag (46)

Pride Month TBR

Diverse Summer Releases

Discussion: ARCs

My goals:

Read 150 books: I am 6 books ahead of schedule on 79 books! I’ve been traveling quite a lot in the past few days, hence ALL THE READING. It’s been great.

Try more genres: I haven’t read all that many different genres this month. However, In June I wanted to read books for the Ramadan Readathon and Pride month, so I was more focused on the content of the books than the genre. I only read 2/3 of my Ramadan Readathon books, but I read books representing ace, aro, gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, and non-binary characters so I’m counting this month as a win.

Read more ARCs: It doesn’t feel like I’ve read all that many ARCs because I’ve requested SO MANY MORE. I’ve already downloaded Beyond Trans, Grrrls on the Side, Undocumented and in College and City of Saints & Thieves.

Keep track of what I read: LOL NOPE.

Complete the 2017 Diversity Bingo: Not much progress here I’m afraid. I really need to get my butt in gear.

2017 diversity bingo (8).jpg

6 thoughts on “june monthly wrap-up

  1. Lais says:

    i feel better to find out that i’m not the only one behind at my goodreads goal. however, yours is still much more impressive, considering you’ve read so far more than i’ve set myself to read throughout the whole year, hahah. i’m planning to catch up during winter break, but i also want to watch netflix all day. #stressfulchoices hahah
    i hope you have a great july, wendy!


  2. Diana says:

    You had such a great reading month and congratulations with annual reading challenge. I like how diverse your reading is. What books did you read concerning Ramadan?

    I have also been trying to read more ARcs so that I can get back to my own books in August but like you. I read and request even more.

    All the best with your reading goals and happy July 🙂


    1. whatthelog says:

      Thanks! I try and read mainly diverse books, and the non-diverse ones I don’t tend to review on here. The two books I read for Ramadan Readathon were Haldol and Hyacinths (a memoir about a Muslim woman with bipolar disorder) and The Things I Would Tell You (a collection of short stories, poems and plays by British Muslim women.)

      I just cannot stop with the ARCs! Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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