AVA Readathon complete!

So you may remember that during April I planned to take part in the A Very ARC Readathon – well, I am happy to say that I can now report my findings back to you!

I planned to read (and finished!):

Nasty Women | Stay With Me | Juliet Takes a Breath

I didn’t get around to:

Pain Woman | Warrior Anthology

But I also read these Netgalleys:

Virgin Envy | A Tragic Kind of Wonderful | How to Survive a Summer

I think that’s pretty good going – the only reason why I didn’t read Pain Woman was because my Netgalley expired (boo), and I am still planning on reading the Warrior Anthology soon. HOWEVER. Since finishing these, I have also acquired Netgalleys of:

 Undocumented and in College | On the Spectrum | Future Leaders of Nowhere

My Fairy Godmother is a Drag Queen | Browse: The World in Bookshops

So I’ve basically got the same number of books to read. WHY DO I DO THIS?! I’ll never learn.


10 thoughts on “AVA Readathon complete!

  1. Bina says:

    Ahaha well congrats on all the ARCs you read and on the new galleys😂 Too hard to resist! I’ve been eyeing Undocumented, too, but need to get up my feedback ratio first 🙈


  2. Grab the Lapels says:

    There’s such a variety of books here; they sound wonderful! I’ve never used Netgalley before. I didn’t know it could expire! It seems like bloggers sign up and just get free books galore in exchange for a review.


  3. MyBookJacket says:

    So many gorgeous books! yeah I just downloaded a bunch of ebooks and then remembered that I shouldn’t be doing that. Rofl. How do you finish so many ebooks so fast!!!! Great list though. A few to add to my tbr.


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