labyrinth lost review

I know, I know. I am VERY LATE to this party.

I was worried about the hype, and some of the less-than-enthusiastic reviews I’d read. I put it off and said I would read it until eventually it was £1.99 on Kindle and well. There was no excuse.

I have officially eaten my words. Labyrinth Lost is brilliant.

Alex doesn’t want to be a bruja. She sees the pain it has brought to her family, and wants out. She decides that on her Deathday (like a Quinceañera) that she will refuse her magic and join the normal world. However, La Mama and El Papa have a different fate planned for her…

I thought that the world-building was pretty good. There was just enough new information for me (and Alex) to be dealing with, whilst also getting to know the characters and the general world of the Brooklyn Bruja/os. And, to be honest, I don’t get why people complained about how confusing Los Lagos was. It is a bit of a Wonderland – too much logic would have been entirely beside the point.

This is also the first love-triangle that I have ever been interested in. EVER. And that’s because Alejandra has to choose between mysterious bad-boy Nova, or her longtime friend Rishi. I’ve never read a bisexual love-triangle before, and I can tell you now, I am never going to be satisfied with a straight one again. I was so gripped by Alex’s choice – and let’s just say that I am very interested to see where her relationships go in the next book.

If you were being all cynical about the hype, just like me – buy it. Give it a chance. I can almost guarantee that you’re going to fall in love.


15 thoughts on “labyrinth lost review

  1. Grab the Lapels says:

    I can see how the bi-sexual character in the love triangle would be interesting. While I don’t usually say men do X and women do Y, I do know that men and women fill different roles in my life, and I wouldn’t want to get rid of either, which is what might make the triangle so hard to untangle.


  2. Morgan | Backlist Babe says:

    I love this book. For the few gripes I have about it, I did love it way more than I thought possible. Also, I’m 110% on board with the possibility of a bisexual relationship in the next book. I really cannot wait until that one hits the shelves as well.

    I’m surprised people complained about Los Lagos because I LOVED IT SO MUCH. There was just enough world-building for this great new world that I felt a part of it without getting horribly lost in it (like what I’m currently experiencing with Barduga’s Shadow & Bone).


    • whatthelog says:

      Apparently the next one is from the point-of-view of one of Alex’s sisters – hopefully we get a bit of a look at Alex’s relationship!!
      Yeah, me too. I haven’t read SFF in ages, so I thought I’d be a little lost with the world building, but I found Los Lagos very easy to embrace. And ugh, I hope it improves!


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