november TBR (aka READ WOMAN, READ!)

I’m hoping to get back to my regular posting in the next couple of days – I’m currently on half-term, so hopefully there’ll be some time to queue some posts up. I’ve read a lot of very interesting (and classic!) books over the past few weeks, and it would be a real shame not to share them. This includes the last few #DiverseDetective reads, because I greatly over-estimated how much I could read this October. Ah, well.

Over November, I also hope to tackle some of my recently-purchased books, which includes:

Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution

Feminist Fight Club

The Sellout



A Manual for Cleaning Women

In the lead-up to Christmas, I’m finally also going to try and prepare my posts for #DiversityDecBingo, details below!


I’m really excited for this – hopefully it will help focus my reading even more. 🙂 I do kind-of wish that there were a couple more squares that focused on different genres like poetry, but hey, that could be my free space.

What are you reading this November?


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