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Isn’t it funny how, sometimes, the more you love an author, the harder it is to write about them? This is how I feel right now about Adichie. Having just finished Americanah, I feel that there is so little that I could say that she hasn’t already said, a thousand times more eloquently.

I actually cannot believe that it took me so long to read Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Sun, and Americanah. She is undoubtedly one of the most talented writers I have read to date. Wise and witty and unafraid to provoke, I found Purple Hibiscus and Americanah struck me to the very core as she explored romance, feminism, and race. I’ll admit, Half of a Yellow Sun was a bit dense, for me, but one of the reveals at the end, about Richard and his novel, had me holding my breath – and taking a good long look at myself.

Americanah was without a doubt my favourite of her novels, to date. Some of my favourite sections were Ifemulu’s blog posts about race in America, from a black non-American’s point of view, as well as the blog about life in Lagos. Smart, funny, stunningly apt – and real! As soon as I finish writing this post, I’m going over to The Small Redemptions of Lagos to see Adichie (or is it Ifemulu?) in action.

I’ve still got The Thing Around Your Neck to read, and although I’ve listened to her TED Talk (many a time), I’d like to own the hard copy as well.

Which of Adichie’s books have you read? Let me know!


7 thoughts on “adichie overview

  1. Darkowaa says:

    Read Purple Hibiscus in college (junior year) and knew she was a gem! I think Americanah (read in 2013) is my fave though, followed We Should All be Feminists (read in 2015), Purple Hibiscus (2010), Half of a Yellow Sun (read in 2011) then The Thing Around Your Neck (read in 2014) (I had issues with the way the stories ended).

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