banned books week

Gooooood morning good morning good morning good morning! Welcome to Banned Books Week! Going from the 25th of September to the 1st of October, this is a celebration of the freedom to read. This year’s special focus is ‘Shining the Spotlight on Diversity’ – a cause that I am obviously 100% behind! There’s loads of stuff on the Internet about Banned Books Week, including an official website, along with many read-outs and thoughts on YouTube:

Some of my favourite banned books include:

The Colour Purple (a classic of American literature – everyone must read this)

Brave New World (described by a friend as giving him ‘the best possible existential crisis’)

Persepolis (a graphic memoir about life as a woman in Iran)

Howl (a poetic scream about homosexuality, capitalism, and art)

And Tango Makes Three (one of the most banned books in the world – includes penguins)

A Doll’s House (a play echoing European feminist movements and ideals)

There’s also a fun quiz made by Penguin Random House to help you choose what banned book to try! I got recommended The Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison!

Read a banned book (or two!) this week – they’re often some of the most important works that challenge what is ‘normal’ and what is ‘right’.


8 thoughts on “banned books week

  1. Bina says:

    What a cool cause!! I’ll just go ahead and argue that at least half of banned books have diverse issues which was the reason for banning them in the first place😤 I really need to check which books have been banned over here!
    Also Persepolis really? It’s such a great read, too!😃


    • whatthelog says:

      I always find that books are banned for the reasons why I recommend them!

      And definitely, it’s interesting to see the specifics as to why books are banned – I did a module last year which looked at the Lady Chatterley’s Lover and the Howl book trials. Fascinating stuff 🙂


  2. Brendon says:

    A lot of challenged / banned books are very very amazing works of literature! It is sad to see that most of the challenged books each year are challenged because of some form of diversity. Well, I will continue to read and promote challenged books! thank you for your post!

    Liked by 1 person

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