5th-12th september bookish roundup

Fist of all, happy #Diverseathon!

The books I’m hoping to tackle are:

Onto the news! New bookstores and booksellers are encouraged to join the Booksellers Network. Recently set up by the Booksellers Association, HarperCollins, NetGalley and ‘The Bookseller’, this will hopefully provide career advice as well as a fun way to meet other booksellers! There will be a meetup in London, as well as somewhere else – to be decided.

Jilly Cooper’s Rutshire Chronicles is being made into a TV series. ITV have purchased the rights to 9/10 of the novels. If you want something a bit saucy, this might be a fun series for you to check out. (And I can hear my Mum screaming with joy already!)

Also also also I have created a giveaway to celebrate 6 months of blogging! Check it out, I’ve got The White Tiger and George as prizes! Giveaway closes on the 18th September, so get going!

4 thoughts on “5th-12th september bookish roundup

  1. Read Diverse Books says:

    I agree, that’s a terrific DiverseAThon, TBR. Everyone should read Their Eyes Were Watching God, so I’m glad you’re finally getting to it. Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit has been brought to my attention a lot recently, so I think I’m finally going to add it to my Goodreads shelf. :]

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