a list to annoy the bigots

I’m not going to link her video. I’m just going to make this.

One recommendation I have is Orleans by Sherri L Smith. A YA dystopia like no other, Orleans follows Fen de la Guerre as she attempts to survive in a world torn apart by Hurricane Katrina, other natural disasters, and the Delta Fever virus. No punches are pulled in this world. This is for those who can stomach bitter truths about humanity – and perhaps also a little bit of hope.

You can read Orleans: Carnivale (a short story that takes place 9 months before the events in Orleans) to whet your appetite. Smith is also the author of Flygirl, another book I would highly recommend.


  • LGBT in YA: Yup, there are quite a few lists for these, too! A specific blog is Gay YA, whom I adore. They’ve got even more lists, which I would highly recommend.

Today’s recommendation is Intro to Alien Invasion, a graphic novel by Owen King and Mark Jude Poirier, and illustrated by Nancy Ahn. A fun fight between a group of university students and space insects, this graphic novel spoofs classic scifi and B-movies, whilst still having room for a lesbian romance.


  • Characters with disabilities in YA: the site Disability in Kid Lit is one of the very best resources I’ve found. They have so many wonderful reviews. Other sites can be found here, here, and here.

Say What You Will is my recommendation. For fans of John Green and Rainbow Rowell, this is a debut novel that features characters with cerebral palsy and OCD. This is one on my TBR pile actually, because I’ve heard interestingly mixed reviews about how the OCD in particular is portrayed. (If you’ve read this, let me know!) However, it is worth a recommendation just for the fact that it includes both physical and mental disabilities – still a rarity, in my experience.


Now excuse me, I’m going to read some diverse books. Come join me. x

4 thoughts on “a list to annoy the bigots

  1. Brendon says:

    Great recs! I haven’t read a couple on your list and the Intro to Alien Invasion sounds really awesome! I definitely need to check it out. I also need to look at the lists you linked here. Love the title btw 🙂 Let the annoyance flow and our liberation grow!

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