friday face-off

I’ve decided to feature books that are on my TBR for this series – just to keep it fresh, I guess. This week? The Summer We Got Free!

Synopsis: At one time a wild young girl and a brilliant artist, Ava Delaney changes dramatically after a violent event that rocks her entire family. Once loved and respected in their community and in their church, they are ostracized by their neighbors, led by their church leader, and a seventeen-year feud between the Delaneys and the church ensues. Ava and her family are displaced from the community even as they continue to live within it, trapped inside their creaky, shadowy old house. When a mysterious woman arrives unexpectedly for a visit, her presence stirs up the past and ghosts and other restless things begin to emerge. And something is reignited in Ava: the indifferent woman she has become begins to give way to the wild girl, and the passionate artist, she used to be. But not without a struggle that threatens her well-being and, ultimately, her life.

Onto the covers! I really like both of them, actually. Both have got such a subtly dark tone, the first from the colours of the splashes of paint, and the second because of the drip of paint like blood, and the way she holds the paintbrush like a knife. I think that I prefer the first one, just because it’s cleaner and more subtle. However, I also think that the second will attract different readers and is better from a marketing point of view, because it is very clear that the protagonist is a POC. This second cover, however, also makes it look like YA fiction, but I don’t think it is. Hmm.

What do you think? No matter what cover I receive, I’m definitely going to be giving this a read.


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