focus on: interlude press

I kinda love doing this series, so I thought I would continue it by focusing on even smaller independent presses. Interlude Press just celebrated its second birthday as a publishing house that focuses on LGBT+ general fiction and romance.

They’ve recently spearheaded the Thousand Book Challenge – basically, with every purchase of Killian B. Brewer’s The Rules of Ever After, they will donate to The Trevor Project, as well as donate a copy of book to libraries in the US. Needless to say, I LOVE THIS (I’ve never picked up an LGBT+ book in a library, have you?) and I will be purchasing it as soon as I can get my hand on some monies. (Also this is the LGBT+ version of The Princess and the Pea that I never knew I needed until now!)

Other books of theirs that really tickled my fancy included:

Summer Love is a very timely choice, if I say so myself! This is a collection of 9 LGBT+ short stories by debut authors. Containing lesbian, transgender and asexual characters, this looks like a really fantastic collection that defies genre.

Into the Blue sounds like a classic summer romance. This is Pene Henson’s debut novel, which involves surfing, a beach house, and some unrequited love… ❤ ❤

Their blog is also second to none: I hadn’t realised how good a tumblr blog would be for a publishing house, but it really allows them to engage with their audience by recommending books and interacting in a way that Twitter doesn’t quite allow.

The next time I’m on the hunt for an LGBT+ read (which, let’s be honest, is most of the time), I’m definitely going to be hitting up Interlude Press.


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