4th july – 11th july bookish roundup

Afternoon, all.

South African author Lidudumalingani has won the Caine prize for African writing for his short story ‘Memories We Lost’ (available to read here). It is about mental illness in a rural South African village. It sounds fascinating – as soon as I finish this post, I’m reading it. Links to the other shortlisted stories can be found here.

Scholastic has banded together with American Girl to help expand their books – not only are they continuing to publish about the historical and contemporary dolls, but also the Care & Keeping of You series, which has become a bit of a Bible for 13 year-old girls everywhere. I wish them well – they meant the world to me when I was that age!

Abiola Oni was announced as the winner of the Guardian and Fourth Estate’s first BAME short story competition (created in order to promote writers of colour who may otherwise have been overlooked). She wrote a fantastic dystopian story that I urge you to read right this second (’75’ can be found here). Hopefully we’ll be hearing her name again sometime very soon.

Some more personal news:

  • Use the #AskALibrarian hashtag on Twitter on Thursdays – I got amazing recommendations that I’m saving up to buy!
  • Please prepare yourselves for a very incoherent review of ‘Can you #readwithoutprejudice?’ I haven’t binged like that in a while – and every second of it was amazing.
  • My summer project is to watch classic nerd movies. I watched Gattaca last night, and Galaxy Quest the night before that. Got any suggestions for me?

Well, that’s all for now! See ya tomorrow x


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