friday face-off

I got this from @TattooedBookGeek – basically, a short post comparing cover art!

Today I chose…. ‘If I was Your Girl‘ by Meredith Russo. I recently asked Twitter for some positive representations of transgender characters, and this was the one that was most recommended!

The first cover is the UK edition, and the second is the US edition. I…am not huge about either to be honest. If pushed, I would definitely say I prefer the UK version. I’m tired of young adult book covers featuring typically attractive white women, especially when their focus is on those who are under-represented in mainstream fiction.

However, the UK version is also annoying, as I’m not entirely sure what it is implying. Is it saying she’s not ‘really’ a girl? Is it saying she’s both male and female? Or neither? (I’m not an expert, but this feels a bit…assumptive). Also PINK AND BLUE = GENDER. WHY.

I realise that book covers are there to make the book sell, but hey, a little critique is good for everyone. (And I’m still unbelievably excited to get my own copy!)

Happy Friday everyone x


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