focus on: freight books

Freight Books is a truly wonderful independent publisher that is based in Glasgow, Scotland. They publish a little bit of everything – debuts, translations, established authors, and occasionally some poetry. Associated with Gutter Magazine (a print magazine, but their website has a whole wealth of content too), Freight Books seem committed to taking risks, publishing quirky fiction, and just generally being awesome.

Planning on reading one of their publications for a book group? No worries. Interested in the Scottish Referendum? They’ve got that. Struggling to find a present for your dad or uncle? You’re covered.

I’ve read and reviewed a couple of their publications, and I have to say, I have been blown away by the quality and innovation of them all.

All are so different, but what really ties them together is their very distinctive voice. I often find it difficult to picture authors actually sitting down and writing books – for me, books just seem to appear out of the ether, magically formed. Not with these guys, though. They are so real and individual and present that the books themselves have personalities that just bounce off the pages.

Any books I’m looking forward to from them? OH YES.

  • Devil Take the Hindmost by Martin Cathcart Froden – I have an ARC on my NetGalley, and believe me, if I didn’t have 15 other ARCs (ssssh I get request-happy) I would be reading it right this second. A cycling noir (and that’s a phrase I’ve never used before), this seems set to break genre boundaries and looks like a cracking good read.
  • Walking the Lights by Deborah Andrews – this is so remarkably different from ‘Devil Take the Hindmost’, it’s unreal. Other than the fact that it is probably fabulous, of course. An example of feminist, coming-of-age, 90s marginalia, this is a book that I simply cannot wait to get my hands on.

Basically: Freight Books are pretty  fabulous. Go check them out.

(All views are my own, I was not asked to write this. I just love my independent presses, dammit.)


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