13 june – 20 june bookish roundup

Good day to you all!

James Patterson’s new imprint BookShots has been launched. Priding itself in being less than £3 (or $5), and under 150 pages, each book claims to be ‘all thriller, no filler’. Pretty neat, I suppose, but unfortunately the books aren’t really my genre.

Margaret Atwood has been awarded the 2016 Pen Pinter Prize. This is a prize given to a writer within Britain, the Republic of Ireland or the Commonwealth that looks upon the world with ‘unflinching, unswerving’ gaze. Her co-winner, an ‘international writer who is active in defence of freedom of expression, often at great risk to their own safety and liberty’ has yet to be announced.

Bookseller Lam Wing-kee has been released by Chinese authorities. Originally abducted because of the role he played in Causeway Bay Books, an independent bookstore that sells a variety of books about the lives of China’s elite, which is a criminal offence in mainland China. Author and bookseller Gui Minhai still remains in the custody of Chinese authorities.

The week of the 18th-25th of June is the 10th anniversary of Independent Booksellers Week! You can look on their website to see whether any bookshops near you will be participating. On the 25th there a bookshop crawl has been organised (#bookshopcrawl on Twitter), and various challenges have been set, with the chance to win £50 worth of book tokens.

The IBW book awards have also been announced. The winners are:

Finally, I also wanted to link you to a truly fabulous essay about the intersection between disability and queerness. Kayla Whaley is on a mission to reflect queer, disabled bodies in her writing, and I’m definitely going to be on the look out for any of her publications. She is also an editor of Disability in KidLit, which I would highly recommend.

Happy reading 🙂

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