great british bake-off app

So, I occasionally bake. I’m not fancy or anything, but I enjoy making a cake every now and again. I thought it would be an interesting project to see what it was like to bake with a regular old cookbook, versus Hodder’s Great British Bake Off app.

Challenge 1: Battenburg Cake

This recipe came from The Great British Bake Off:Celebrations book. Instead of the classic battenburg flavours, it uses coffee and walnut, which I thought sounded delicious.

So. Other than the excitement of having 3 double-yolkers (!!), this all went pretty well. Flour went everywhere, marzipan was eaten, and there was a bit of nervous squeaking when I put the whole thing together. The book had pretty decent instructions about how to roll the marzipan, though I did stop every now and again to Google if there was a way to stop the marzipan from breaking. There wasn’t.

A pretty standard bake, I thought. And yummy to boot.

Challenge 2: Victoria Sponge

So this was technically a much easier bake. I downloaded the app (only available on iTunes, not on Android) and although I knew I wanted to do a Victoria Sponge, I looked at the other options available to me. And…there weren’t a lot. You get about 6 cake recipes for free, but any other categories you have to purchase. It wasn’t too expensive, but hidden fees like that really annoy me. Saying that, I imagine that the app would be cheaper, in the end, so that’s definitely something to consider.

However, the really good thing about this app is that it gives you detailed instructions about things such as mixing techniques, how to use a pallet knife, and how to know when your cake is done. I thought this was very well done, especially because they tell you why these are the best methods. I did get quite a lot of egg on the iPad though. (What can I say, I’m a messy baker.) Definitely with kids, I think the cookbook would be the safest bet.

This was also very tasty, I’m glad to say!

What do you think? Will you be sticking with your books, or going digital?

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