reading pledges

So after a brief exam hiatus, I am back! I had some thinky thoughts over the last few days, so this is my attempt to get them down.

  • I pledge to read diversely. To take risks, to read about people and places and situations that I could never have dreamed of before.
  • I pledge to read comics and biographies and poetry and novels with strange covers.
  • I pledge to enjoy myself.
  • I pledge to review fairly, to allow myself to be pleasantly surprised and bitterly disappointed.
  • I pledge to read voraciously and thoughtfully. Words are everywhere and ideas are everywhere, and I pledge to grab onto them with all I have. I want to read things that scare me and things that expand my mind until it snaps like a rubber band, and things so personal that they bring me back down to earth again.
  • I pledge to laugh.
  • I pledge to cry.
  • I pledge to read whilst drinking tea and read when I should be studying and read when I’m on planes, trains, and automobiles. To read when I should be sleeping and read when I should be cooking or cleaning or making my bed and to read whenever I can because life is short, and because, ultimately, I love to read.

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